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Severe Weather, Heavy Rain Possible Throughout the Week

Severe Weather Information

The National Weather Service says that the Houston area is at risk of the possibility of heavy, flooding rainfall this week.  The area is expecting an average of 1-2 inches Wednesday, with some areas receiving more than 3 inches of rain.

This weekend and into Tuesday, some areas could receive 4-5 inches of rain, with some isolated areas receiving up to 8 inches of rain.

Because of recent rains, the ground is already saturated with water, which will make much of this rain run directly into streets, creeks, and bayous.

What to Do

Houston residents should be monitoring conditions ahead of this expected storm system and begin taking steps to be prepared for flash flooding and impacted roadways.  This includes:

  • Stocking up on emergency supplies such as food, water and batteries
  • Ensuring you have a way to stay informed of emergency situations when power goes out, such as purchasing a “NOAA Weather Radio” and battery-powered, or hand-cranked radios.
  • Having a family emergency plan that discusses what to do if families become separated by severe weather conditions
  • Consulting with schools, workplaces and houses of worship about emergency plans.
  • Making preparations to keep vehicles and personal belongings out of areas prone to flooding

If a Flash Flood Warning is issued for your area, you should immediately avoid streams, creeks, bayous and low-lying areas and avoid travel. This means that heavy rain is causing flash flooding.  It only takes a few inches of water to float a vehicle, so remember, Turn Around, Don’t Drown®.

Stay Informed

Houston residents can stay informed by ensuring they are registered for AlertHouston, following AlertHouston on Twitter and Facebook, as well as using the following websites to stay up to date:

Harris County Flood Warning System ( Monitor stream and rain gauges throughout Harris County

National Weather Service Houston/Galveston Forecast Office ( Information on local impacts and latest forecasts.

Houston Transtar ( Monitor current traffic and high water locations on area freeways

Harris County Flood Education Mapping Tool ( Learn whether or not your home is in a floodplain.

For updates on this situation, visit the City of Houston Emergency Information Site at

City of Houston
Office of Emergency Management

View this document online
HOUSTON UASI – City of Houston
City of Houston – Emergency Information Center