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This week marked one year since the day Harvey’s floodwaters crested and began to recede from the Lake Houston area. Residents and business owners returned to assess the damage and devastation left behind. Friends, family, neighbors and strangers came together to assist each other in the massive recovery and clean-up effort.

In the weeks and months that followed, our community came together like never before to work together as recovery advocates for the area as a whole and rebuild. Most of our community has returned to their rebuilt homes and businesses but many are still awaiting completion. Included below are several updated resources for Harvey survivors and links to published commemorations about Texas’ recovery, one year later.

The volume of damage and destruction brought to our area was truly reflected in the voter turnout in last weekend’s Bond Election. Of the 52,604 votes recorded in-person during Early Voting, more than 4,130 of those ballots were cast at the Kingwood location. This was the highest turnout at any Early Voting Polling Location in Harris County.

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Wishing you a relaxing Labor Day Weekend!

Capitol Newsletter – August 31, 2018

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