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Response To Malicious Attack Video

Members of the American Phoenix Foundation film crew stalked Legislators, legislative staff, and others in and around the Capitol throughout the 84th Legislative Session asking insinuating questions designed to elicit inflammatory responses.

I am embarrassed I was filmed one evening in the Capitol under the influence of alcohol and I regret it. My behavior and profane language were clearly inappropriate. I have apologized to my wife and my family and, since returning home in June, I have apologized to my constituents at numerous public meetings throughout my District.

I also want to be clear that on this video, I responded to several questions about issues important to my constituents. I stand by those positions.

Voters should also know that during the 140-day Legislative Session, my attendance at both full sessions of the House and Committee meetings was almost perfect. I cast about 1,800 Record Votes and attended nearly 90 Committee meetings. Overall, I am proud of my six years of service in the Texas Legislature representing the people of House District 127. This incident does not deter me from fulfilling that commitment or from meeting my obligations to my constituents and the taxpayers of Texas.

Dan Huberty
State Representative

Dan Huberty's Response to Malicious Attack Video