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State Representative Dan Huberty – Weekly Newsletter – April 12, 2019

The days are getting longer at the Texas Capitol, as bills move from committee to the floor for debate. As of today, the House has passed 175 bills out of the chamber and over to the Senate. This includes several large pieces of legislation like HB 1, the budget; HB 3, school finance reform; and HBs 5, 6 & 13, which together help make Texas more resilient in the face of natural disasters.

As we move into the final 45 days of the session, we will continue to address the tough issues that face this state and pass solid legislation to positively impact all Texans. On Monday, we will take up HB 2, to fix over burdensome property taxes Texans face. I will also have three bills on the floor that day, addressing issues from high school graduation requirements to tuition exemptions for disabled peace officers and firefighters and even motor fuel tax exemptions for volunteer fire departments.

Public Education is scheduled to meet twice next week to hear a large number of the remaining bills referred to our committee this session, including my HB 3906. I will also layout HB 802 in Land & Resource Management and HB 831 in Elections. HJR 3, my sales tax swap bill, is also set for a hearing in the Ways & Means committee.

Over in the Senate, HB 3, The Texas Plan for transformational school finance reform, has been set for a hearing in the Education committee. I want to thank Chairman Larry Taylor for including this important piece of legislation on the agenda for his committee meeting on Tuesday, April 16, 2019.

It is going to be a busy week and as as the days continue to count down to Sine Die, we are getting more work done for Texans. Tune in any day next week to watch us by clicking here:


Capitol Newsletter – April 12, 2019

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