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Weekly Newsletter – 12.7.18

This week, we mourned the loss of a true American hero with the passing of former President George H. W. Bush. I issued the following statement for him: “Thank you, President George H. W. Bush, for your life’s work, the way you led by example, and keeping family first. We need to be reminded that in life and politics, we can disagree without being disagreeable. The celebration of your life this week reminded us that we must be good people and more importantly teach our children it’s not always about us. God bless you and your family. We will miss you.”

I am sure you have noticed the lowered level of Lake Houston today. Houston Public Works initiated the temporary lowering of Lake Houston on Wednesday night in advance of the substantial rainfall predicted for tonight and tomorrow. Since the amount of rain predicted exceeded 3 inches, the lake was lowered past the usual 41.5 feet until a elevation of 40.5 feet was reached. Property owners were given notice on Tuesday evening to secure property along the shoreline for a potential temporary lowering of Lake Houston. Residents may monitor the lowering of Lake Houston by visiting the Coastal Water Authority website.

The San Jacinto River Authority has also announced releases from Lake Conroe as of noon today. Per the press release, “the operational guidelines for Lake Conroe are designed to ensure that the peak rate of flow released from the dam is LOWER than the peak flow coming into the lake. Since it is difficult to accurately predict how far the lake will ultimately rise, Lake Conroe personnel will continue actively monitoring the storm and communicating with local officials. Anyone interested in monitoring Lake Conroe levels, releases, rainfall totals, or stream flows can visit SJRA’s Contrail System at:”

We will continue to update you as we go into the weekend, but please heed the warnings being issued by the National Weather Service ahead of this winter storm.


Weekly Newsletter – December 7, 2018

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