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Weekly Newsletter – March 15, 2019

It was a rather busy week at the Capitol, as we canvassed the large amount of bills filed on the last day . Tuesday saw many hours of testimony on HB 3, or The Texas Plan, in our House Public Education hearing. I would like to thank the members of the committee for their commitment and dedication. More than 100 witnesses spoke for a total of 10 hours and the committee members were very engaged with each one.

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of presenting HB 766, which would provide disabled firefighters and peace officers, who cannot return to their previous roles, the opportunity to attend college tuition-free. Currently , institutions of higher education may offer a cost-free education in a new trade to permanently disabled peace officers, as well as, their children and spouse. However, this is not offered to permanently disabled firefighters. This bill would require schools to offer the option and open that language to include firefighters.


Capitol Newsletter – March 15, 2019

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